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  • ve7mza : Hello Gordy, pls copy my check-in today 14 April 2014 73 and tnx to everybody....qrx
  • ve7mza : Hello Gord, pls. copy my check-in today 7 April ...tnx and 73 God bless you...qrx
  • ve7mza : Glad to hear you're A-Okay Gordy....see yah....qrx
  • VA7JHW : Couldn't call in on time so here is my check-in Gordy.
  • ve7mza : Hello Gord, is there something wrong with our channel GVRG?
  • ve7mza : Hello Gord, Hope you are A-okay. Pls copy m6y check-in today 31 March 2014...tnx and 73 ..God bless you...qrx
  • ve7mza : Hello Gord, how are you? Hope you are A-okay and same with the whole family. Pls. copy my check-in today 31 March 2014. Tnx and 73 and God bless ...qrx
  • ve7mza : Hello Gord! Happy Spring! Hope you are ready for the outings and the warm days ahead...pls copy my check-in today 24 March 73 and God bless you...tnx...qrx
  • ve7mza : Hello Gordy, hope everything is OK with you and everybody at the hacienda, pls. copy my check-in today 14th of November. tnx ..73 and God bless you ...qrx
  • Klaatu : Each bird loves to hear himself sing

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